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Who is Kamiri Gaulde?Kayden, Taylin, and Kamiri Gaulden are siblings And More…

Who is Kamiri Gaulden?

YoungBoy At no point ever Broke In the future, the notable rapper, shares a child named Armani Gaulden with his previous sweetheart, Nisha. Notwithstanding the ups and downs of their relationship, they invited Armani into the world in June 2020.

Their excursion as a team might have had its difficulties, however the appearance of Armani added another aspect to YoungBoy’s consistently developing family. For YoungBoy, becoming a dad to Armani is a significant encounter, one that goes with the continuous requests of his effective music vocation.

Kamiri Gaulden 

Kamiri ‘K3’ Gaulden appeared on the scene on July 6, 2017, invited by his mom, Starr Dejanee, a notable virtual entertainment character. Starr and NBA YoungBoy were believed to be the guardians of two youngsters, Kamiri and Kamron, tenderly known as Child K.

Nonetheless, their relational peculiarity took a turn in the late spring of 2018 when Starr demanded that NBA YoungBoy take a DNA test for the two kids to get kid support. The experimental outcomes uncovered that Child K was not naturally connected with NBA YoungBoy. Regardless of this disclosure, NBA YoungBoy promised to keep raising Child K as his own and has treated both young men with affection and care, encouraging an obligation of fellowship between them.

Kayden, Taylin, and Kamiri Gaulden are siblings

Altogether, YoungBoy At no point ever Broke In the future has three siblings, two sisters, and five half-kin, including people like Kayden Gaulden, Taylin Gaulden, Kamiri Gaulden, and others whose names stay obscure.

YoungBoy At no point ever Broke In the future, whose genuine name is Kentrell Desean Gaulden, is a flexible craftsman referred to for his gifts as a rapper, vocalist, and writer hailing from America.

At only 21 years of age, YoungBoy has collected a devoted following attracted to his crude and bona fide road stories. His energy for music traces all the way back to his initial years, driving him to exit school in the 10th grade to seek after his melodic yearnings.

Somewhere in the range of 2015 and 2017, YoungBoy freely delivered eight mixtapes, rapidly getting momentum and prominence in the music scene. His track “Outside Today” stirred things up, appearing at number 31 on the Announcement Hot 100 of every 2018.

One of his most outstanding accomplishments is his mixtape “Man-made intelligence Little fellow 2,” which got far and wide approval and overwhelmed the diagrams, arriving at the highest point of the Board 200 out of 2019. Proceeding with his dash of progress, YoungBoy delivered his sixteenth mixtape, “38 Child,” in April 2020, which likewise made colossal progress, getting a best position on the outlines.

Child slander

Following their division, YoungBoy At absolutely no point ever Broke In the future’s folks, Jania Meshell and his dad, have headed out in a different direction and never again dwell together. Their relationship was pushed into the spotlight because of claims of actual savagery and hijacking, which brought about legitimate charges against YoungBoy. Upsetting film caught by TMZ shows him supposedly striking and effectively hauling Jania into a lodging.

Their wild relationship was set apart by poisonousness, with the two players confronting allegations and difficulties. In one of his tunes named “Truth About Herpes,” YoungBoy tends to their relationship and cases that Jania sent herpes to him. At present, reports propose that Jania is sincerely engaged with rapper YBN All-powerful Jay.

Taylin Marquez Gaulden 

Taylin Gaulden, affectionately known as Tay, entered the world on Walk 19, 2017. His mom, Trinia Nia, shares a novel story with NBA YoungBoy, coming from a one-night experience, however insights regarding her stay scant.

Following Tay’s introduction to the world, NBA YoungBoy demanded a paternity test to affirm his natural association. The outcomes insisted that Tay was for sure NBA YoungBoy’s natural youngster, cementing their familial bond. In spite of the conditions of his introduction to the world, Tay has tracked down a spot in NBA YoungBoy’s heart, and they share an extraordinary dad child relationship.

Kacey Alexander Gaulden 

Kacey appeared on the scene on February 13, 2019, brought into the world to Jania Meshell, a notable American YouTuber, model, and virtual entertainment force to be reckoned with. Jania and NBA YoungBoy were sincerely involved from 2017 to mid-2018, and Kacey’s appearance concurred with a turbulent period in their relationship.

Reports propose that their relationship was set apart by unrest, with charges of misuse surfacing against NBA YoungBoy. There were episodes where NBA YoungBoy was captured for truly attacking Jania, in any event, hauling her into a lodging. Further cases arose, proposing that NBA YoungBoy constrained Jania to rest in an inn entryway while he sought after contacts with different ladies.

In spite of these difficult conditions, Jania has not freely questioned these allegations. The subtleties encompassing Kacey’s introduction to the world highlight the intricacies of their relationship and the difficulties they looked as a couple.

Armani Gaulden 

Armani is the biological brother of Kayden.In 2020, YoungBoy reunited with Kayden’s mother, Nisha. During their reconciliation, Armani was born in June 2020.However, their relationship was short-lived, and they parted ways once again shortly after Armani’s birth.

Kodi Capri 

Kodi Capri entered the world on November 26, 2020, as the child of YoungBoy and Drea Symone, an American actress hailing from Houston, Texas. Kodi has an older half-sister named Kens, although Kens is not biologically related to the rapper.

Past girlfriends of father

His dad, notable for his heartfelt entrapments, imparted a profound association with his mom and caught the hearts of different ladies too. Their kid together, brought into the world in mid 2021, showed up civility of his ex YaYa Mayweather, who is the little girl of boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

Notwithstanding YaYa, he likewise shares a little girl with Drea Symone, with whom he had a past marriage. Their girl was brought into the world on November 26, 2020.

Before Drea, he had a relationship with Nisha, with whom he started dating at fifteen years old. Their relationship persevered through ups and downs, prompting the introduction of their most memorable youngster in 2016. Regardless of a separation and resulting compromise, Nisha became pregnant with his youngster by and by in late 2019.

Besides, around the same time, he found that his ex, Kaylyn Marie, was anticipating a kid. Throughout the long term, he has additionally invested energy with different ladies, including Nia, Lapattra, and Bhad Bhabie.

Father’s Relationship with Jazlyn Mychelle

Following his separation from YaYa Mayweather, he has tracked down friendship with Jazlyn Mychelle. Ongoing sightings show the couple appreciating each other’s conversation, enjoying exercises like sledding and taking part in lively snowball battles. Their relationship seems, by all accounts, to be unmistakable from his past ones, with sources recommending that he might have at last tracked down the right accomplice for him.


  • Birth: Kamiri Gaulden, also known as K3, was born on July 6, 2017.
  • Mother: His mother is Starr Dejanee, a well-known virtual entertainment personality.
  • Siblings: Kamiri has a sibling named Kamron, affectionately known as Baby K.
  • Paternity Test: In 2018, Starr insisted on a DNA test for both Kamiri and Kamron to secure child support. The results revealed that Kamron was not biologically related to YoungBoy Never Broke Again (NBA YoungBoy). Despite this, NBA YoungBoy pledged to continue raising Kamron as his own and has treated both boys with love and care.


The article explores the intricate family dynamics of YoungBoy Never Broke Again, a prominent rapper, highlighting his relationships and children. It details YoungBoy’s journey as a father, his ups and downs with various partners, and his commitment to his children despite the challenges. Kamiri Gaulden’s section specifically sheds light on his birth, parentage, and the unique circumstances surrounding his relationship with NBA YoungBoy.


Who is Kamiri Gaulden’s mother?

Kamiri’s mother is Starr Dejanee, a well-known virtual entertainment personality.

What is Kamiri’s relationship with NBA YoungBoy?

Kamiri is NBA YoungBoy’s stepson, as NBA YoungBoy is in a relationship with his mother, Starr Dejanee.

How many siblings does Kamiri have?

Kamiri has a sibling named Kamron, commonly known as Baby K.

What was the result of the DNA test involving Kamiri and Kamron?

The DNA test revealed that Kamron was not biologically related to NBA YoungBoy. However, NBA YoungBoy has committed to raising Kamron as his own, along with Kamiri, and treats both boys as brothers.

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